Fellowship groups

From October – June, we meet in small groups to read & discuss a passage from the Bible, pray for, and enjoy the evening with, one another. Fellowship Groups meet on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at church (6:30pm: dinner together (bring your own), 7:15pm – 9pm: Bible study).


We’re currently working our way through a Bible overview together, following the course “God’s Big Picture“.



If you are studying at university, a students’ Fellowship Group meets at church on Friday nights from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.



Once a month, all groups meet together to pray for the church and for the world.



From July – September, everyone meets together for Summer Fellowship, where we have dinner and then read & discuss a passage from the Bible in small groups.


Fellowship Groups are for everyone, no matter what stage in your Christian walk you are at. Whether you have been a believer for decades or just starting out and never studied the Bible in a group before, everyone is welcome.


Please contact Clayton for more information if you are interested in joining a group. If you are interested in Christianity and would like to meet with someone one-to-one to learn more, please contact us and we would be happy to meet with you.


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