Fellowship groups

SUMMER FELLOWSHIP (July – September 2017)


Join us on Thursdays at church from 7-9pm for dinner, followed by a short DVD, discussions and time for prayer.  We will be working our way through the series “Gospel in life: grace changes everything”.  Each week is a standalone session so come along whenever you’re in Prague over the summer.

Session Titles:
1. City: The World That Is
2. Heart: Three Ways to Live
3. Idolatry: The Sin Beneath The Sin
4. Community: The Context for Change
5. Witness: An Alternate City
6. Work: Cultivating the Garden
7. Justice: A People For Others
8. Eternity: The World That Is To Come



From October – June, we have weekly Fellowship Groups where we meet in small groups to read & discuss a passage from the Bible, pray for, and enjoy the evening with, one another. Groups meet across Prague in homes and on different nights of the week (currently Tuesday and Thursday).


If you are a uni student, a students’ Fellowship Group meets at the church on Friday nights from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.


From July – September, we all meet together for Summer Fellowship, where we have dinner and then read & discuss a passage from the Bible in small groups.


On the last Thursday of the month, all groups meet together to pray for the church and for the world.


Fellowship Groups are for everyone, no matter what stage in your Christian walk you are at. Whether you have been a believer for decades or just starting out and never studied the Bible in a group before, everyone is welcome.


Please contact Clayton for more information if you are interested in joining a group. If you are interested in Christianity and would like to meet with someone one-to-one to learn more, please contact us and we would be happy to meet with you.


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