Our Mission Statement

The International Baptist Church of Prague (IBCP) is an international multicultural congregation seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We affirm the central truth of the Christian faith and seek to live out Christ’s love in an international nurturing community, guided and built up by the scriptures and prayer. In our worship and in our daily lives, we affirm that all believers, male and female, young and old, lay and ordained, are gifted by the Holy Spirit. We practice the baptism of believers and celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month.


Why are we here?

Our mission is to glorify God by ministering among citizens and expatriates in, and beyond, Prague through corporate worship, personal witness and holistic mission, so that we may grow together as the disciples of Jesus Christ, in faith and service.


How can you become a church member?

Anyone who accepts these basic statements of the church’s identity and mission, and who affirms the church covenant, may apply to join the church membership. Membership is open to any person who publicly professes his/her faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, followed by immersion baptism. A person may be received into membership by baptism, by an officially written transfer of membership from another Christian church, or by an affirmation of faith. Anyone who wishes to maintain his/her affiliation with another denomination or church, but agrees with the church statement of faith, and wants to fellowship and serve in the IBCP while living here in Prague, is welcomed to join the church as an associate member.

The Covenant

Having given ourselves to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, we covenant together

  • to actively support and participate in the International Baptist Church of Prague,
  • to help one another identify and use our spiritual gifts in ministry,
  • to worship God who has created us,
  • to walk in the ways of Christ who has redeemed us,
  • and to witness and serve in word and deed through the Holy Spirit who empowers us, so that God may be glorified in us and God’s reign on earth may be extended through us.

We welcome your questions and comments.

If, for whatever reason, you are troubled, or would like to share something with us, we would encourage you to send us a prayer request.